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Thomas A Moore Founder/Chairman

Founder & Chairman

Tom Moore is a 35-year supply chain industry veteran with a background in operations research. He created a niche focused on bringing more advanced mathematics to the supply chain space. During his career, Tom has developed advanced load-building technology (Transportation | Warehouse Optimization—, advanced distribution and planning technology (ProvisionAI, and most recently, warehouse and distribution center orchestration technologies ( He has contributed significantly to the operations of most major consumer goods companies worldwide.
In 2020, Tom had the innovative idea of taking a developed and battle-tested technology at Procter & Gamble and spinning it into a new organization, AutoScheduler.AI. In doing this, Tom built a team of some of the most successful supply chain and machine learning professionals across multiple industries. This talented team, guided by Tom’s leadership, is focused on creating the warehouse of the future with their customers in consumer goods – bringing predictive and prescriptive orchestration to all operational activities to streamline operations and save money. Since this spin-off and launch in August 2020, AutoScheduler.AI has expanded its presence in P&G and other “top 10” CPG organizations.