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We’re here to make the warehouse sexy again. With our deep background in building machine learning solutions, everything delivered by the AutoScheduler team is designed to deliver value by learning your challenges, your environment, and your best practices. 

For over a decade, we’ve been helping Procter & Gamble orchestrate warehouse activities, and we were just recently given the green light to bring our solution to the open market. AutoScheduler integrates with your warehouse management system to orchestrate all critical activities inside and around your facility. 

Our customers are forward-thinkers, investing not just in savings now, but in future-proofing their business. Become one of them today.


You mean reality didn’t happen according to plan? No problem. The AutoScheduler solution adapts and rebalances activities based on what actually happens inside of a warehouse every few minutes.

Every few minutes, the AutoScheduler solution looks at your planned inbound and outbound loads and automatically schedules when and where each trailer should dock. Gone are the days of 20 moves being dumped on a warehouse at the start of a shift. AutoScheduler will dynamically smooth all activity to ensure all orders are brought in and out of the facility on time in full.

Instead of having to look at expected orders and movements and then staffing around the day-by-day waves, the AutoScheduler solution looks at your staff capacity at each facility and wavelessly smooths out operations. Finally, a wave of one!

The bigger the facility, the more the AutoScheduler solution can help you save. The AutoScheduler solution works at sites that are as small as 4 doors to as large as multiple warehouses. The AutoScheduler solution can even scale to your production facilities!

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Drive Savings By Accelerating the Existing Warehouse Software

By providing a digital twin of the warehouse environment, we are able to identify the optimal schedule moving forword and highlight any issue that will need resolution.

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The Advent Of The WMS Accelerator - Part Two

The technology has created multiple millions in cost savings and eliminates touches by performing activities like orchestrating shipments directly from plant production lines and proactively cross-docking shipments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re doing novel things in the supply chain industry, we get a lot of the same questions pretty frequently. We’ve answered some of them here, and are happy to talk about any of them in further detail.

  • We can help you with that. Before deciding to dive in and implement the full AutoScheduler solution, we can do a short-term return on investment analysis that only takes a few weeks. This will help you to understand how much can be saved by working with us.

  • AutoScheduler is designed to optimize all operations, but the problem is, every warehouse is different. AutoScheduler uses machine learning to better predict what is actually likely to happen inside of a facility. For example, if Steve is case picking and it’s 5:30 AM and there is a backlog of 12 orders up next, each layer will take 8 minutes instead of the expected 10 minutes.

  • The AutoScheduler solution is designed to focus on all of the critical activities in your warehouse, so things like dock scheduling, loading, unloading, case picking, and the creation of transfer orders are all optimized. In the end, we just want to make sure that everything gets where it needs to when it needs to be there.

  • That’s a kiwi bird from New Zealand. As it turns out, our founder is a New Zealander (also known as a Kiwi), and many of our team members still live there today.

  • The AutoScheduler solution was built and developed for one of the world's largest consumer goods companies, Procter & Gamble. P&G has consistently lived in the “Master’s” category of the Gartner Top 25 for their supply chain execution. We have been operating there to help them remain in that category for over a decade, but were just recently given the green light to bring the battle-tested solution to market.

  • For the limited analysis, very little IT input is required, we just need some data. For a full-scale WMS and ERP integration, we’ll work with your IT team on getting access to about 300 data fields from each system. Don’t worry, though, we’re experts and this process is pretty painless. If we want to get really fancy, we’ll also want the capability to write back to your WMS so that it can remain the single source of truth.


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