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We’re here to make the warehouse sexy. With our deep background in building machine learning solutions, everything delivered by the AutoScheduler team is designed to provide value by learning your challenges, environment, and best practices.

AutoScheduler.AI launched a warehouse orchestration platform, AutoScheduler, in August 2020 to help IT teams perform advanced warehouse planning with predictive decisioning and prescriptive analytics. Because so many sites struggle to manage and plan labor while increasing OTIF, we find that supply chain teams like yours are often tasked with finding or creating novel solutions.

AutoScheduler integrates with your warehouse management system to orchestrate all critical activities inside and around your facility.

AutoScheduler is:

With each implementation of AutoScheduler, we work with you to understand and collect the required data to make the system work specifically for you and your teams. 

We allow for flexibility as much as possible throughout the implementation to best serve the needs of each unique customer. We don’t quit until you have it running smoothly and satisfactorily.

Our developers, from all over the world, are constantly modifying AutoScheduler to adopt best practices and incorporate useful recommendations we gain along the way. 

Our customers are forward-thinkers, investing not just in savings now but in future-proofing their business.

Contact us to become one of them today.

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