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AutoScheduler’s ROI calculator is a tool to measure site efficiency and provides an analysis of improvements. Complete the ROI calculator form, and we will use the data to generate a report. The ROI Calculator can be used for a single distribution center, site, or campus. This form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


You will need data points such as information on:


Next, we provide a custom report and schedule a review meeting with site owners to determine how many opportunities for efficiency exist at their site.

In this meeting, we discuss the following opportunities:

After the session, your team will receive a full 7-page report, where the opportunity for efficiency gain exists and how much it is likely worth based on the submitted data.


The AutoScheduler solution adapts and rebalances activities based on what happens inside the warehouse every few minutes.
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What If…You were able to smooth out labor demand and reduce peak workloads?
Reducing one worker per shift making $25 per hour at a two-shift facility saves over $100K annually.
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What If…You had the opportunity to replan activities every 20 minutes using all available data?

Moving from three to one planners per shift at $30 per hour at a two-shift facility saves nearly $250K annually and improves OTIF (2+% increase) with less detention and demurrage.

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What If…You planned for more cross docks by creating the optimal dock schedules?
Every cross dock saves between $1.80 and $3.00 per pallet in retrieval and put-away costs. At big sites, this can add up to thousands in savings per year.
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What If…You only released orders for picking when inventory was available?
If 3% of items at a site picking 50,000 cases per day require repicking because inventory is not available, then this equates to 450,000 re-picked cases every year.
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What If…You could minimize shuttles and transfers by orchestrating inventory levels and dock schedules?
A fully loaded transfer (loading + unloading + shuttle fee) costs over $150. If your site sends 5,000 per year, a 30% reduction through AutoScheduler would save $225K annually.