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AutoScheduler.AI is the recipient of numerous supply chain awards. We are committed to partnering with like-minded companies who understand the technology and flexibility needed to enact change in the supply chain and logistics industries. AutoScheduler and our partners have the experience to enhance and inject solutions into existing WMS, YMS, OMS, and other execution systems.



SAP.iO curates a relevant and diverse startup ecosystem that extends the value of SAP solutions and meets the continuously evolving needs of their customers. Their programs provide dedicated support to the most promising startups as they launch and scale relationships with SAP and our global network of customers, partners, and employees.


A world leader in digital supply chain transformations and omni-channel commerce fulfillment, provides an end-to-end, cognitive business platform enabling retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to best fulfill customer demand from planning through delivery.


Cybersoft, a quality provider of Software Solutions, has been developing highly scalable and comprehensive software products for over 25 years.


e4score, a leading provider of supply chain solutions, provides shippers and their business partners with an innovative suite of proven solutions that control risk, decrease costs and increase productivity.


FourKites, a leading supply chain solutions provider, helps companies transform their end-to-end supply chain with real-time visibility.


Hundreds of the largest organizations in the world rely on Kaleris software solutions to gain real-time visibility into transportation and yard operations, manage and maintain transportation assets, and automate and optimize the movement of goods through the supply chain.


Open Sky Group is best known for its deep expertise with Blue Yonder WMS, a Tier 1 software system. Although each project has unique aspects, typical engagements include new Software Implementations, Upgrades, Replenishment and Slotting Optimizations, Material Handling and ERP Integration, and Parcel Systems.


PINC, a leader in digital yard management solutions to the world’s leading brands, provides scalable software, hardware, and services that enable companies to move inventory throughout the supply chain faster, cost-effectively, consistently, and more efficiently.


Rebus® is a real-time warehouse execution platform purpose-built to help leaders manage their shift while it’s happening. People, processes, products – we’ve got you covered.


Established in 1992, Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO) is a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions and has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries reduce their total logistics costs.


VERSES is a next-generation AI company providing foundational technology for the contextual computing era. Modeled after natural systems and the design principles of the human brain and the human experience, VERSES’ flagship offering, COSM™, is an AI Operating System for enhancing any application with adaptive intelligence.


Since 2004, Ascension Logistics, an expert in Supply Chain and Warehouse Services, has been streamlining supply chains, solving complex problems with advanced technologies, and creating simple solutions.


The Vizion API automatically pushes the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking events to any software system or spreadsheet so shippers and BCOs can achieve end-to-end visibility into the freight that drivefs their business. 


ToolsGroup helps retailers, distributors, and manufacturers improve the resilience and performance of their operations with a unique probabilistic planning approach that leverages AI and real-time data from across the enterprise for decision making at the speed of business.


SVT Robotics empowers supply chain IT teams to integrate, monitor, and scale automation with the tech-agnostic SOFTBOT® Platform. This reduces custom development and support by providing a standard way for technologies to communicate—without asking anyone to change.


Proven Cost Savings

“AutoScheduler is saving Lima Plant more than $4 million per year.”

– Procter & Gamble